Personal Meaning and Thoughts On The Course

“this war that ravaged the country over a century ago”


In respect to personal meaning to me, the Civil War has always been a prime interest of mine; both inside and outside of school. One of the reasons behind this may be due to the fact I grew up on a small farm in Fredericksburg and spent a lot of my time as a young child playing in an old house down the road from us, where a good childhood friend lived. Years later I found out this old house I used to play in was built in 1848 and was used as a hospital during the civil war. This may be one of the things that further sparked my intrigue in this war that ravaged the country over a century ago. Virginia played a big part in the civil war therefore this subject was a somewhat minor concentration of our curriculum in history classes.


For this history course, after reading the syllabus, what perhaps most worries me about success would be the writing intensive portion. I have never found myself to be a great writer. If I feel frustrated with this aspect of the course specifically, I plan to invest my time in honing my skill in writing and presenting arguments through practice and preparation.

If at any time, I feel overwhelmed, or lost during this semester I plan to contact my fellow students first to see if someone I’m acquainted with would be able to assist me in finding my way or helping with possible missed or misunderstood points in the lectures. If this does not prove a viable course of action, I will then contact either teaching assistant, Ryan O’ Hallahan, or further contact Dr. Meier for clarification on a topic.


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